How will I estimate the price of your project?

Translation is traditionally charged at a rate per 1000 words to be translated from the foreign (also known as the “source”) language. In the event that a word count cannot be obtained (e.g. if the text to be translated is in a scanned PDF document), an estimate given in a quote and a final price will be given upon completion of the project.

My translation rates vary between £70 per 1000 words and £170 per 1000 words according to the text, specialty and urgency.

For proofreading and revision, I charge a flat rate of £25 per hour. I will estimate a maximum number of hours required to proofread and/or revise your text when quoting.

Please note I have a minimum charge of £30.

Payment terms

For companies, academic institutions and non-profit organisations, I will issue an invoice on completion of the project, to be paid within 30 calendar days. For private individuals and projects totalling £100 or less (or foreign currency equivalent), upfront payment is required.